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- Metin2Wiki - Warrior - Guerrero/habilidades

A Warrior has the choice to follow one of two separate classes, each with unique skills:

Body-Force Warrior
Skill Basic Description
Aura of the sword.jpg Aura of the sword Increase attack power
Berserk.jpg Berserk Increase attack speed, increase moving speed, increase recived damage
Three-way cut.jpg Three-Way Cut Frontal splash attack three times consecutively
Sword spin.jpg Sword Spin Frontal splash attack
Dash.jpg Dash Frontal splash attack, faint effect

Mental-Fight Warrior
Skill Basic Description
Strong body.jpg Strong body Increases defense, decreases moving speed, never fall down(for G and P)
Sword strike.jpg Sword Strike Long range attack, attack on multiple targets within skill radius, fainting effect
Stump.jpg Stump Area of effect splash attack, faint effect chance
Spirit strike w.jpg Spirit Strike (W) Frontal splash attack
Bash.jpg Bash Linear frontal splash attack, attack on multiple targets

For advice on selecting class and skills for Warrior, it is recommended to visit the Warrior section of the forum.

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